Guangzhou dream Decoration Material Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a professional company producing and selling all kinds of hand, electric curtains, sunshading products and decorative materials.

The main products are: electric rolling curtain, ceiling curtain, open curtain, Rome curtain, curtain of sky curtain, hundred leaf blinds, hundred fold curtain, organ curtain, vertical curtain, bamboo and wood curtain, soft screen curtain, cloth curtain, all kinds of manual, art window ornaments, decorative materials and so on.

The fabrics and accessories of the company's products are from the famous manufacturers in Europe and America and at home. The curtain fabrics are: PHIFER, MERMET, FERRARL, BAMBERGER, JM, WINTEC, Taiwan Pavilion and so on. Accessories are: American ROLLEASE, French SOMFY motor, German ELERO motor, etc... ...【More